Imperium is the leading provider of data quality, and anti-fraud solutions for the market research industry and beyond.

For more than ten years, some of the most well-respected global companies have come to rely on Imperium's comprehensive suite of technological services, and customized solutions, to verify self-reported personal information and restrict fraudulent online activities.

Imperium is independently owned, and solely focused on helping companies guarantee data integrity and comply with industry regulations.

RelevantID® The Industry Standard for Digital Fingerprinting and Data Quality
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Verity® Powerful Identity Validation to Prevent Fraud
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Real Answer
Real Answer™ Analyze Open-end Responses for Quality
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Capture® Affordable Technology to Detect Site Visitor Environment and Settings
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Address Correction
Address Correction™ Postal Address Validation and Normalization
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ChildGuardOnline™ The COPPA Compliant Solution for Verifying Parental Consent
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